IDR 169,000.00

White Knuckle

Kartu Remi, Kartu Sulap, Kartu Flourish

Stok Tersisa : 6 deck

Halfway this month there was the meeting of the BEJC in Brussels and as the weather conditions weren't too bad Joop went to attend that meeting. Somehow these Sunday morning meetings start early and arriving there at 8:15 AM means getting up at 5:00 for us. Saturdays are usually spend with friends, at our house or at theirs, and often they end after midnight. Miriam doesn't do well with a short sleep, so she often skips a BEJC meeting. But Joop enjoys seeing the Belgian collectors and he always comes back with good stories and a handful of decks. The monthly flea market in Utrecht didn't bring any new decks this time, but a very nice antique Dutch bowl with a Jack of Clubs inside. We already have a similar bowl with a King of Hearts, so this was a nice addition. There should be 4 bowls in total, so there's two more to go: one with a Queen and one with an Ace. So what did that other source of decks, the internet, bring us this month? On Ebay we were outbid on all the decks that we were interested in. On the Dutch auction site we did buy a few decks, but mostly playing card paraphernalia, like a very nice 1950's Russian "Matrouska" with a Joker on the outside and a King, Queen etc. inside. But there's more than just auction sites on the net. We stumbled upon an interesting Australian website, which advertised a newly released deck that we immediately liked. A few emails and a payment later, the decks were on their way to us and they reached us in time to win the monthly competition.